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We are artisans of deep nutrition skincare and personal-care. Our aim is simply to make remedies of the finest quality, using purist organic formulations, creative design, and a meticulous artisanal process. And we do this all independently from our little workshop in London and our historic watermill workshop in the Provence, South France.

There’s something strangely satisfying about imagining an idea, shaping it with your own hands, then watching anonymously from a distance as somebody enjoys it.



Savon Stories is an independent family company, inspired by the memory of my grandfather, who raised me on the family farm. He lived well over a century – the gift, I believe, of his minimalist but intensely nutritious diet. 

Convinced that your skin is a second stomach, I’ve taken his ethos to create “nutrient-intensive” skincare, not only clean enough to eat, but using techniques that enhance its effectiveness.

So how do we do it?


Clean & Organic

We use only organic ingredients. Organic plants have more vitamins and nutrients which means your skin gets everything the plant offers. Plus, you're assured that what your skin absorbed was grown in a way that's better for the soil and local ecology.


More than 50% of your typical moisturiser is water. Our waterless formulations ensure your skin receives a concentrated feast of nutrients and vitamins. 0% water, 100% active. Plus we give a portion of our sales to building water systems for communities with no water access. Check out our H2Zero Foundation.


Heat kills nutrients (like overcooked food). Our energy-efficient "cold" process keeps our nutrient-dense formulations intact so they meet your skin as nature intended. This also makes our soaps really hydrating and free from that dry feeling conventional soaps often leave.

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