Frequent questions


Stores & High Street

We are stocked at the Wholefoods Market & Daylesford Organic chains (across London & Cotswold). We also have a select number of boutique stockists across the UK. Please contact us with your address or postcode and we can trace the closest stockist to you.

How organic are you?

Everything we do is 100% organic, with the exception of the liquid washes which are 99% organic with the remaining 1% a mixture of citrus fruit extract (to make the soap even milder) and vitamin E oil (a powerful and topical antioxidant).

Chemicals & preservatives

No. None. Never. If you wouldn't eat it, we'd be cautious of putting it on your skin.

Are your soaps drying?

Not ours. Conventional soaps are drying because they are either:

  • chemical-based;
  • milled (an industrial process that sucks out the moisturising fat in the soap to harden it quickly and economise it);
  • heated (killing its oils’ nutritional and moisturising properties);
  • or simply put together from a poor recipe.

Our  recipe is made almost entirely of organic extra virgin olive oil - renowned for its moisturising and regenerative properties. To this we had a touch of hydrating butter and oils, such as cocoa butter and castor oil.

The cold-process method (entirely unique for the liquid soaps) ensures that the nutrients of the ingredients used are retained give the skin softer, nourished feel.


It refers to anything made without the application of external heat. Like raw food, it provides a guarantee of higher nutritional content that would otherwise be killed off by the heat. Liquid soaps, for instance, conventionally require heat to turn the mixture into soap. Combined with chemicals or alcohol, the end product is parched and may dry the skin. After much experimenting, we found ways of making our liquid soap, like the bar soaps, through curing - a "cold" process that gives our rich recipe a mild, creamy texture, unlike any other soap you’ve used.

Will your products cure my eczema, psoriasis, redness & acne?

Eczema flare-ups (and dry, irritable and itchy skin in general) are generally triggered by diet, stress levels, temperament, weather and, almost aways, the use of chemical based cosmetics, especially those with detergents, alcohol and so on. Flare-ups are our bodies signal that something is wrong, inside or out. Our products have been crafted specifically with these concerns in mind - to soothe, nourish and never dry. Look out for further information in the near future.


Have you received my order?

We'll send you a confirmation email once it’s received. We capture payment only after the order has been shipped and will confirm by email.

Can I combine orders?

Yes, as long as the first order hasn’t already gone out. Just place another order and email us to combine it with the earlier order.

Gift wrapping

Yes, simply leave a note in the “Notes” box at checkout if you want us to hide the price or add anything else.

Telephone orders?

Yes, just give us a call on +44 203 56 456.

Out of stock?

All items are subject to availability. If something you’ve ordered turns out to be out of stock, subject to a delay or the price is higher than that shown on your order, we will try to contact you by email or phone. If we cannot contact you or receive no response to our email, we will continue to process any remaining items in your order. We won’t substitute for another item without your expressed permission.

If an item you like is listed as out of stock, please feel free to email us about your interest and we'll let you know when it might be expected.

VAT receipt?

If you’d like us to provide you with a VAT receipt, simply send us an email at:

I didn’t get a printed receipt

For environmental reasons, we now have a preference for sending only email receipts. Please let us know if you would like a printed one and we’ll send it out to reach in 1-3 working days.


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