We donate 100% of online profits from our H2Zero Collection to sustainable water projects, providing clean and safe drinking water to communities that need it.

H2Zero is a charitable foundation established by Savon Stories with two essential goals:

  • To donate 100% profits from selected products towards water projects that provide sustainable access to clean water for less prosperous communities.
  • To inspire the beauty industry towards greater sustainability and less waste by reducing the unnecessary use of water in skincare formulations.

We were initially motivated by the experience of one of our co-founders, who was raised in such a community and knows first hand the challenges facing those with poor or no access to freshwater.

The name alludes to H2O (water), with “Zero” representing our ambition to promote zero-waste in the skincare industry and to reduce poor access to water.

Start with the numbers: only 1% of the world’s water is readily available as freshwater – that’s the stuff we drink, bathe and irrigate farm lands with. About a billion of us do not have easy access to freshwater at all and many others will go for weeks throughout the year with water scarcity.

The impact of this includes diseases from inadequate sanitation, which kills millions (usually children) every year. Providing better access to freshwater will:

  • guarantee a life-saving vital necessity, especially for vulnerable infants;
  • allow children to commit more time to education instead of travelling hours for water;
  • save a community time that could be used to improve their economic productivity, economic independence and general wellbeing.

Water is the most common skincare ingredient, and yet often the least necessary. Typically, more than two-thirds of your average moisturiser is made up of water. Why? Usually to “bulk” the product up. Of course, once water goes in you then need emulsifiers (rarely naturally derived), preservatives (since water houses bacteria) and sometimes other not-so-skin-friendly ingredients like alcohol.

This is why, with the exception of our liquid soaps and a tiny amount of water used in our bar soaps to help us blend the ingredients, Savon Stories is primarily a solid, waterless company. Our solid moisturisers, for instance, are an undiluted powerhouse of raw organic butters, oils and essential oils. No water. No preservatives. 100% active.

Our aim, over the next two years, is to find alternatives to those few soap products still reliant on water and to be entirely water-free. This requires some creativity, but we have some wonderful and workable ideas and will be updating you on it as we come closer to our target.

We work with local organisations experienced in building sustainable water-systems for communities that need it. We also work with charities already engaged in projects who need additional donations to reach a milestone to complete funding for projects.

Our current project is still at preliminary stage. Please check here again soon for updates.

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