Ravintsara Organic Essential Oil

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Our ravintsara is 1,8-cineole type (also known as eucalyptol) - a vital plant compound with many healing properties against flu and cold symptoms, clearing blocked airways and difficulty breathing. it is also an effective invigorating tonic, helping to relieve extreme fatigue. An excellent ally to clear the mind, relax the mood and help harmonize the breath to help contemplation or even sleep. Ravintsara should not be confused with ravensara, a very different oil used for other remedies. Specific claims are evidenced by clinical studies or drawn from folk lore, which is not guaranteed to be successful for everyone. Contact us for more information.


Frais, terreux et ressemblant à de l’eucalyptus, mais plus doux, avec de subtiles notes poivrées, le ravintsara a un effet nettoyant immédiat sur la tête qui le rend idéal pour traiter les symptômes pseudo-grippaux, calmer les nerfs et soulager les sentiments dépressifs.

✓ Aiguise les sens pour améliorer l’humeur de la fatigue ✓ Stimulant immunitaire efficace contre le rhume et la grippe ✓ Détend et peut aider à dormir